The importance of Preventative Maintenance

What happens when a vital piece of equipment breaks down?  Panic?  Productions slows or comes to a complete stop?

Just like our vehicle that gets us to work, there is a natural tendency to assume our equipment will always be in good working condition.  While there are a laundry list of reasons why our lift equipment can stop working, there is something we can do to help prevent that from happening.

Regular preventative maintenance (PM) on lift equipment is a low cost expense with the absolute potential to save money via down time.  With capable mechanics regularly inspecting one or a fleet of forklifts, a company can lower the probability that there will a stop in production, and in turn, keep customers happy.


Other benefits from regular preventive maintenance include a snap shot of the forklift fleet.  This can help better budget for future expenditures on lift equipment and repairs.  A competent forklift mechanic should be informing the customer of repairs that are priority and others that the customer needs to be aware of.  OSHA also requires certain aspects of the lift equipment to be in good working condition.  Teaming up with a Forklift Service Company can help you stay compliant.

A PM is more than an oil and filter change (on an internal combustion lift).  It is an opportunity for the service provider and the customer to work together to turn potential downtime into more constant uptime.

If you wish to learn more about what you can do to save your company money and downtime, please contact CFE Equipment.

Why do we recommend operator training?

Forklift Operator Safety Training

Did you know CFE Equipment offers on-site forklift operator training? Do you know why it is important?

Forklift tipping over

The benefits of providing operator training go beyond the obvious mandatory requirement for OSHA. Benefits like improved employee attitude, increased productivity, decreased product damage, lower maintenance costs, and increased operator safety are a few reasons why all companies should invest in their operators.

Each year over 100 workers die in accidents involving powered industrial lift devices. 9 out of every 10 accidents can be attributed to operator error due to inadequate training and/or inadequate enforcement of Company safe work procedures. Most operators do not think about, and have no concept of the damage a forklift could cause.

If you wish to learn more about what you can do to make your company compliant, please contact CFE Equipment. You can also learn more at OSHA’s website here.

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